Dr. Gobinda Saha

Director, Nanocomposites and Mechanics Laboratory
University of New Brunswick

Research interests: Material-activated technology solutions for structure lightening, early detection and prevention of material failure, high-impact fatigue erosion/abrasion wear, and high-speed ballistic/kinetic threats.

Dr. Gabriel LaPlante

Université de Moncton

Research interests: Environmental degradation of advanced composites, composite materials mechanics, finite element modelling of composites.

Dr. Benoit Landry

Université de Moncton

Research interests: Thermoplastic composites, composite recycling, discontinuous fibre composite manufacturing, composite defects, process modelling.

Dr. Sam Nakhla

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Research interests: Material degradation and failure analyses for the prediction of remaining life with focus on their applications in aerospace, mechanical and biomedical engineering.