Plenary Speakers

Dr. Duncan Cree

Associate Professor, College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan
Keynote topic: "Indigenous inventions improved by modern composite materials."

His interest is in the area of materials science, specifically understanding the mechanical behavior of engineering materials. Addressing the challenges of sustainability using waste as resources is a major area of research. Some of Dr. Cree’s past projects pertinent to adding value to waste materials are: a proof of concept to demonstrate waste eggshell as a filler material in injection molded and 3D printed poly(lactic acid) composites and epoxy polymers using a solution mixing method. Other projects entail addition of waste eggshells in cement mortar for masonry applications and addition of crumb tire waste to compression molded polypropylene for products requiring impact applications such as automotive bumper supports, highway impact guards and roof shingles. Read full bio

Ken Segal

Aerospace Engineer, NASA
Keynote topic: "Composites: Innovation at NASA, from ideas to orbit."

Ken Segal is a NASA Aerospace Engineer, safety consultant, pilot, racecar driver and United States Air Force veteran. For the past 33 years, he has designed and built science instruments and spacecrafts at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). At GSFC Ken worked on numerous astrophysics, heliophysics and atmospheric physics programs as well as NASA wide technology development efforts. Past technology development work includes polymer and metal matrix composite material RF waveguides for Hubble Space Telescope, composite corrugated feed horns for the Diffuse Microwave Explorer, and low energy attenuation all composite joints for FERMI-GLAST Anti-Coincidence Detector. Currently, Ken is developing light-weight all composite joints for large-scale launch vehicles and advancing automated fibre placement for space science applications requiring high dimensional stability. Ken holds three patents related to space flight hardware, and is the recipient NASA's Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal, and GSFC's Center Safety Award. Personally, Ken is married and the father of three children.