CANCOM 2022 focuses on research, technology and product development in emerging and growth sectors, in addition to the traditional fields of the application of composites - aerospace and transportation. This technical forum facilitates the exchange of information and ideas about composite materials, design and processing, and structural performance by bringing together Canadian and international participants from industry, government and academia. A three-day technical conference will take place on July 12-14, 2022, featuring a variety of keynote speakers and presentations. The following session topic areas are being developed for CANCOM 2022:

  Characterization of Composites
  Cold Spray, 3D/4D Printing
  Composite Additive Manufacturing
  Green & Eco-responsible Composites
  Computational/Analytical Modelling
  Durability/Ageing/Environmental Effects
  Fatigue/Fracture/Impact/Dynamic Loading Response
  Life Cycle Analysis/Composite Recycling
  Machine Learning/AI in Composites
  Metal-matrix, Cermet Composites
  Multifunctional and Smart Composites
  Non-destructive Testing
  Structural Health Monitoring
  Textile/3D Composites
  Virtual Testing/Digital Twin